Rockledge Fire Company Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
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Active Force over the years...

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Life Members
Members that have completed 25 years of service, have meritorious or dedicated service or outstanding accomplishments that have been for the benefit of the Fire Company or the Community.

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Join the Fire House
  In order to become a member of the Rockledge Fire Company you must live within a 3 mile radius from the station. Click on the map to see if you meet the requirement.

  After you submit this form, your information will be reviewed by the Committee for approval. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member.  
Application For Membership  
Application Download

Download our Membership Application Form.

After you have completed the form please bring the document to the firehouse on any Thursday night at 7:30PM and drop it off to a current Fire Company Member.

505 Huntingdon Pike
Rockledge, PA 19046




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